Our Process

We believe that the only way to deliver the highest value to our clients goes beyond sorting through the thousands of resumes we receive and looking for matching criteria.
We perform a thorough 1 on 1 pre-screen to learn who our candidate is, what they are looking for, and evaluate which client can utilize their skill set and how they will fit into our client’s culture.

  • 1. Submitting your resume

    • - Browse our job openings under career portal
    • - Apply to a position you are most qualified for
    • - Submit your resume to careers with the job title in the subject line
  • 2. Candidate pre-qualification

    • - Once your resume has been submitted via e-mail it will be viewed by our team of experienced recruiters.
    • - We appreciate your interest, however only qualified candidates will be contacted
  • 3. References / Background Check

    - Before submitting your resume you will be asked to supply a list of professional references.
  • 4. Submitting to the Client

    - Once we have all the necessary information, your resume will be submitted to our client.
  • 5. Interview Process

    • - If you are selected by the client for an interview your recruiter will contact you via phone to set up your interview
    • - With their wealth of experience your recruiter will help prepare you for the interview
  • 6. Offer Phase

    • - After your interview your recruiter will contact you to go over your interview and coordinate with the client.
  • 7. Offer Acceptance

    • - Once you have accepted an offer, your recruiter will send you a contract outlining all the final details. If you are in agreement to these you will sign and return the contract. After we have received the signed contract, you will receive all the documentation we will need to set you up in the Duke Marine system.
  • 8. Starting your new job

    - You will hear from your recruiter your first day on the job to ensure your safe arrival and that you are comfortable in your new place of business. Should you have any questions you can reach us by phone or e-mail whenever you like. You will also receive a phone call at the end of your first week for feedback from you on your new position.

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